Piove Dining Club - Street and Number - Sao Paulo - (11) 3071-2303

Piove Dining Club

Street and Number - Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo
(11) 3071-2303

Its location in the district of Itaim Bibi, is the most privileged, alongside hotels and upscale shopping centers. The Piove Dining Club meets in the same environment: bar, restaurant and dance floor with live entertainment. Always with the best bands in the city include the discerning taste of its public opinion former São Paulo. People from other states and even other countries, also present in the Club. Each night at Piove has a distinctive feature. but always live music is the major attraction that six hours have the most requested bands of the moment. The repertoire comprises between MPB, Pop Rock national and international plus a refined Samba ("Samba Piove").

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